Internet Sales Policy

Amazon Wood Floors is committed to manufacturing the finest hardwood floorings with affordable price ranges, while providing great customer service. In order to maintain the integrity of our brand, Amazon Wood Floors has partnered with top Flooring Retail Dealers across the country, that are not only trained in our products, but also offer professional installation services. In addition, our Authorized Dealers have physical locations that maintain our most current product displays and sample boards. Amazon Wood Floors recommends that you purchase your flooring from one of these Authorized Dealers within your state so that you may see samples of our products and receive professional advice on what products and applications will best suit your installation, lifestyle requirements and preferences. Please refer to our Find A Dealer page to search for and select an authorized Dealer in your area.

If for some reason we don’t have any Authorized Dealers within your state, please contact us and we will assist you to locate a Dealer nearest your area. While the internet is a great tool for showcasing our products and  has become a convenient method for purchasing various type of retail products, Amazon Wood Floors realizes that selecting and purchasing something as personal and important as wood flooring should be done at a local level, from a trusted retailer.

As a word of caution, you may find our products available for sale on the internet and if you choose to purchase our products online or out of state, please be aware that Amazon Wood Floors will not honor any warranty and/or guarantee on its products. Our products are meant to be sold exclusively through one of our Authorized Dealers to protect our customers from misrepresentations and from buying inferior products.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to serving you through an Authorized Dealer

Amazon Hardwood Floors