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Frequently Asked questions

  • Can I order my selected wood flooring directly from Amazon?

    Amazon Wood Floors has chosen to only sell our hardwood flooring products through local Authorized Dealers.  We do not accept any orders placed directly from customers by phone or via the internet. Please search and select one of our fine, local Authorized Dealers

    In the event that there are no Authorized Dealers within a reasonable driving distance from you, please contact us and provide your city and zip code and we will recommend a dealer for you.

  • What are the floor levels that I can install Amazon Hardwood Flooring?

    You can install our wood flooring products above or below ground level, so it is safe to install in a basement or a multi-level type of home.

  • Will my wood flooring colors change over time?

    Unfortunately, almost all natural wood flooring will change color over time do to exposure to direct sunlight, types of cleaners used, and other factors that can effect the natural tones of your wood.  Please refer to our Installation and Care Instructions or contact your Authorized Dealer to get specific instructions on the best installation and care practices, to minimize color change.

  • What are the benefits of choosing real hardwood vs. man made products?

    Hardwood can be sanded and refinished to keep it looking new over a long period of time, as compared to most man made laminates that don’t have surface materials that can be refinished.

    Hardwood will add significant value to your home based on surveys from real estate agents around the nation.

    Hardwood has natural variations in tones, grains and coloration that make each plank and floor installation unique. No repeated patterns or cookie cutter looks like laminate, tile or vinyl wood substitutes.

    Hardwood is ideal for allergy sufferers because natural wood does not harbor dust mites or collect dust, if properly maintained.

  • Can I or should I apply additional coats of Polyurethane to my prefinished wood flooring?

    The simple answer is NO! We highly discourage adding any additional finishes to your wood flooring, because the prefinished wood flooring grains and definition will blur and lose the consistency of the flooring shine level.

    NOTE: The application of additional finish will also void our Product Warranty.

  • Do closeout or discounted wood flooring products have any warranty?

    Yes, discounted or discontinued wood products carry the same warranty as if purchased at full price.  The only exception would be if you purchased returned or damaged product that would be sold “As Is”.  You would need to agree to those terms and conditions before making your purchase.

  • What if I have extra glue on some of my flooring after the installation?

    In most cases, you can use mineral spirits on a clean rag to wipe off the extra glue without damaging the surface or finish. If you have any concerns or if using mineral spirits doesn’t remove the glue, please contact the glue manufacturer directly for additional solutions.