What does Sustainability mean to us?

  • Living a life of dignity in harmony with nature.
  • Living within the resource of the planet without damaging the environment now or in the future.
  • Renewing resources at a rate equal to or greater than the rate at which they are consumed.
  • Creating an economic system that provides for quality of life while renewing and environment and its resources.
  • Creating a world where everyone can have fulfilling lives and enjoy a rich level of well-being within the limits of what nature can provide.
  • Taking the long-term view of how our actions affect future generations and making sure we don’t deplete resources or cause pollution at rates faster than the earth is able to renew them.


C.A.R.B. Compliance

All of our Engineered Wood Products are C.A.R.B. (California Air Resource Board) compliant Phase 2 to meet formaldehyde emissions for better indoor air quality.

For more information please visit their website.


Lacey Act Compliance

In May of 2008, the US Congress passed the Lacey Act which includes a provision that US Importers provide proof of legal harvesting of foreign sourced wood product materials. The Lacey Act’s intent was to eliminate illegal logging and illegal forestry practices.

Amazon Wood Floors is in full compliance with Lacey Act requirements as mandated by the 2008 Farm Bill. Our Products are from legal and sustainable forestry sources.


Did you know?

  • Our Engineered Wood Flooring’s entire core is made from 100% Eco-Friendly Eucalyptus which can grow up to 300 feet high in just 10 years (compared to other wood species such as Birch which will grow up to 8 feet within 10 years).
  • Eucalyptus core Engineered Flooring’s can hold up to double the moisture than any other plywood in the Industry.
  • The adhesive used in our Engineered Wood Flooring ply’s meet the strict German E-1 standard for Formaldehyde emissions.
  • All of our factories have received certification to produce FSC (FOREST STEWART COUNCIL) products.
  • Over 50% of our products come from aged or fallen trees. Aging trees block the sunlight and limit the growth of younger, oxygen producing trees.